The Belfast Radical Bookfair took place on Saturday 2nd September from 12noon until 5pm in Artcetera Studios, 43b Rosemary Street, Belfast.

There were talks, workshops, bookstalls, and a great day’s craic.

We ewelcomed anarchist distros, queer books, home-made zines, anti-capitalist literature, feminist texts, and much much more.

Bhí an Aonach Leabhar Radacach Bhéal Feirste ar Dé Sathárn ó 12meán lae - 5i.n i Artcetera Studios, 43b Sráid Rosemary, Béal Feirste.

Bhí cainteanna, ceardlanna, stainníní leabhar, agus lá iontach craic.

Bhí muid fáilte a chur roimh: preasanna ainrialaitheach, leabhair aiteach, irisíní, litríocht frith-chaipitil, téacsanna feimineach, agus rudái eile mar sin.

Running Order

[12.00noon] Doors open.

[12.30pm] Mál Farrell – The Representation of Women and Girls in Murals.

[1.10pm] Derry Anarchist Collective – Anarchism and Organisation: What should anarchists do during times of crisis?

[1.50pm] Leasha Hogan/Grá Fiánta Herbal – City Herbalism: An Introduction to Plant Medicine. In this talk, Leasha will introduce the idea of medicinal ‘plant allies’ and where to find them in the City ecosystem. Leasha will also explore some of the medicinal benefits of these plant allies and suggest how they can be incorporated in our everyday lives.

[2.30pm] Cian Prendiville – Soviet Ireland: the Road not Taken in the Irish War of Independence. There are many common, simplistic narratives of the Irish revolutionary period: Ireland -v- England, Catholic -v- Protestant or Pro -v- Anti-Treaty. But what they all ignore is the class struggles of the time. Events like the Belfast Engineering strike, the Soviets in Limerick, Galway, Waterford & Monaghan are all ignored. The hundreds of thousands who fought for working-class unity and a Workers’ Republic are reduced to a mere footnote.

[3.10pm] IWOC Ireland – Prisoner Solidarity & Letter Writing. Hear from Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee on prisoner solidarity organising and take the opportunity to write a letter to comrades on the inside.

[4.00pm] Internationalist Report: Bakur: on Kurdish organising under Turkish repression.

[5.00pm] Everybody out!